The Design Process

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-00-31-54The Design Process usually begins as a meeting with no strings attached. If we like what we see at this meeting, we decide how to continue our co-operation.

At the first meeting we will discuss what the designs and the brand stands for. We will answer questions of what the aim/goal is, what the assignment includes, and how long you want me to follow the product.

I can work with singular designs for garment or print. I can also work with a full concept collection. If you want to, I can take care of the whole process from ideas, collage, design sketches, print designs and accessories specs to measurement lists, fitting and all of the contact with suppliers needed until we get the shipping sample. Or, if you want me to present the product earlier, maybe you have the in-house capacity to take care of different parts of the process. We can also discuss if the best option is if I mainly work from my office or from yours.

I think it is important to meet during the design process to be able to fully reach the aim/goal. My meetings include: goals, mood boards, colours, materials, design sketches, arts, measures, fitting etc.

In short, the the work flow normally looks like this;

  1. Start up meeting, the aim/goal.
  2. I will present mood boards, colours and material ideas.
  3. We meet and look at the first design sketches.
  4. We meet and set the collection.
  5. I do the measure and spec or meet the person who will be responsible for it.
  6. And then we plan according to how long I will follow your product.